16 October 2010

Sometimes I Have My Dessert First...

I'm up  very early...for a Saturday.  It has to be because of the loud gusts of wind angrily shaking my windowscreens, fiercely making its presence known. 

Now tell me, how did we go from a calm and very sunny eighty-something degree day {yesterday} to having unending bursts of cold air slamming into the frame of the house, as though it is being punished for a deed not done?  And this 'wind assault' has been going on throughout the night...

And so, I am awake. 

Well, there are some gifts that result from an early morning awakening... the house is quiet {albeit the 'wind assault'} and I can read, uninterrupted, a couple of chapters in the novel that has already taken me far too long to finish. 

 And, why does freshly brewed coffee always taste soooo good, this time of day?

...and the true 'gift' of it all?....
... discovering that lavender, when dropped into a warm, bubble infused bath, seems to be most fragrant and soothing - right. before. dawn.


Anonymous said...

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.pink said...

Thanx for the blog luv...

'inspiring'...now that's inspiring

Luv your space in the blogosphere {the header...can you say 'TOO CHIC'!}