30 April 2009

Press Simultaneously for a Good Night's Sleep...

{photo via SwissMiss::special thanx}

wouldn't it be great if you could erase all of the day's woes simply by resting on these fantastically geeky pillows? Or, how about being able to erase any situation that is particularly stressful?
...boss being a bigger {*insert adjective of choice} than usual---*rest your head and, poof! be gone...
...having an unsettling interaction with a particularly difficult client/customer...*rest your head and, poof! be gone...
...need some quiet time away from the kids/husband/wife/significant other/neighbor, etc...*one rest of the head not only buys peace and quiet, but, poof! be gone...
There may be something to these geeky inventions afterall!

29 April 2009

Now that's what I'm talking about...

Described as 'upholstery Gone Wild', John Daly showed up at the Pro-Am segment of the Open de Espana at the PGA Golf Catalunya in Girona, Spain, wearing this 'eye catching' fashion statement.
John apparently is known for his many, many, many, did I say many? antics! One thing that I can say for the guy is a like his confidence!

27 April 2009

A Cup of Balancing Act...

I love the colours of these dainty little vessels. They lend themselves nicely to the unique patterns that adorn each one. Most of all, the haphazard stacking pulls all of the elements together into a playful & delightful whimsical spectacle.
Tea anyone?

* Loveable* Notes::

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20 April 2009

Hello...& Welcome to

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