26 June 2009

We all have a vice...

.....{luv}-ly packaging

I must admit, that, on more than one occasion, I have been a victim of the 'beautiful packaging' marketing strategy. I have the evidence to prove that, all too often, I've purchased products that I: did not need, did not set out to purchase, questioned my lack of self-control regarding the purchase {only after the purchase} & that required me to dip into the 'emergency' jar.

There is something about {luv}-ly packaging that makes me unable to resist the urge to make the purchase...regardless of what lies beneath the wrapper's surface. The packaging on the items above are just a small sample of what makes my hands itch... rendering me incapable of resisting the urge to scratch.

18 June 2009

Playing with Food...

Remember when you were younger and weren't allow to play with your food?
The mantra went something like this..."girl don't play in your food.
You better eat that...there's people starving in *{feel free to insert some third world country here}..."

Well, looking at these fun food works of art, I can't help but wonder how this culinary whittler
got away with the whole food playing thing.

...perhaps if I were allowed to play with my food back then....hmmmmmm

Vintage Advertising...

{photo from here::special thanx}

Remember when this was our world of advertising?
....we've come a long way, baby....

12 June 2009

Clothes as.....{Art} ?....

{photos credit::special thanx}

The designer of these intriquingly clever, fun and awe-inspiring displays, gives a whole new meaning to 'laying out your clothes'. The meticulous attention to the detail in each of the 'faces' is nothing short of artistry genius. Every crease, pleat, tuck and fold helps draws you into the emotion of the face. They are so life-like that it is quite easy to envision oneself striking up a conversation....about fashion, of course.

04 June 2009

iNspiRatIOn:: {Chair}

{via here::special thanx}

How about this clever, take as you go chair?
I luv the fact that not only do the pieces fit together perfectly like a finely crafted puzzle. But that I would be able to have loads of fun with the fact that it forms the words 'chair' when disassembled.
Wall optional.

03 June 2009

I want this space...

Good Night...

Head Bucket...

what a really cool helmet! You have to love it when design of an functional object speaks directly about the object.
How cool is that?

The Way that I See it...

Okay, okay.
Because I am a gadget person and it does not take much to impress me {my philosophy::'it's the simple pleasant'}, I think that these are really cool. That being said, the next question in my mind is, "but what the h*ll would one do with these little cuties"?

Answer:: Gag Gift...maybe

Well, at least they make a great conversation piece.


one of the beauties of being grown...understanding the 'because' clause...

Somewhere to rest my...head?

Some pillows are functional.
Some pillows are...well...just pillows.