20 May 2011

19 May 2011

all aboard

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this space is soooo reminenscent of  the intimate quarters of the sleeping car trains of yesterday

in a word

audrey hepburn is simply....timeless

16 May 2011

...yeah. just try to pull this off

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Luv the 'hair as a messy nest' look....I could never pull this off
...and those big, beautiful baby blues...YOWZA!!
only upstaged by the 'perfectly ruby pout!

8 bit leg candy

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these pixelated beauties commands attention...
me likey!

09 May 2011

not a bad end

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i can spend hours in a bookstore.  
luv. luv. luv...
to browse. 
to read the inside cover for a 'sneak peak'.
to nestle in a quick corner nook, cup of jo in tow, and disappear...
... into the pages....

04 May 2011

eeny, meeny...

Luv Luv Luv the polarity of these two pieces

the little black ditty has a 'braveheart-esque' goth flavor


the white number has that 'princess Lia-esque' heroine flavor {drawing a blank on the spelling of the princess' name....i'm blaming it on the years lived *demure smile*}

i'm luv'n them both

which one is for you?

making an entrance

luv this take on the indoor tree look
definitely a visual solution for the ultra high walls of an open floor plan

03 May 2011

.pink luvs dainty

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.pink luvs pink
.pink luvs flowers
.pink luvs cottage

when fences talk

i need this in my garden...
i'm in luv with the way that it speaks to me

no show !

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Hey Luv-lies! 
The Derby is fast approaching! 
I usually go for the straw. 
these beauts are winners!

Derby... I'm on my way!

02 May 2011

Happy May!


Sun. Daisies. White Polka Dots....
... the signs of May

Constancy, Everlasting Love & Poisonous

In flower language, bluebells symbolise constancy and everlasting love.

According to folklore, the fairies were called when the bluebell was rung. Others believed that if you heard a bluebell ring, you or someone close to you will die.

It was thought to be unlucky to walk through a field of bluebells, as the spells that fairies have hung on the bluebell flowers will be disturbed.

Bluebells used to be known as “witches thimbles” and it was said the bells of the flowers would peal out at midnight calling to the fairies. Woe betides any poor unfortunate traveller who heard those bells - he would be dead in the morning.

The Latin name for this flower is “Endymion”, for a shepherd boy with whom the Moon goddess, Selene (later identified with Diana) fell in love. Selene put Endymion into an eternal sleep, so she alone could enjoy his beauty.

Bluebells were once used by herbalists to help prevent nightmares, and to cure leprosy, spider-bites and tuberculosis; but in fact, the bluebell is poisonous.

Watch Your Steps...

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you could not have convinced me that hardbound books placed on a staircase would look so chic...