29 December 2010

Closet Luv

feminine luv. wearable.  luv-ly pastels.

runway luv.  chic high-collared vest.  much attitude.

colour me scarlett elegance

St Lauren...equine style.  Maxi poncho.  Luvin' Black.

crosswalks. comfy footgear.  his & hers totes.

tassels. croc & pretty peach linen

{photos via::special thanx}

25 December 2010

Happy !

Happy Holidays!

Merry* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •

•。Christmas 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
*˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛

24 December 2010

Holiday Happy-ness

Happy Holiday, My Luv-lies

I soooo looking forward to this holiday break.  This year seems especially festive.  Perhaps the blessings that I have received...especially as of late.  Or just the contagiousness of the season...the hustle.  The bustle.  Gift finding. Traffic congestion...all day.  Holiday food.  Holiday spirits.

I'm not going anyplace more special than home this holiday season.  If I were, I think thats I would have to have this set of luggage.  Luv the different shapes of all of the individual pieces and, despite not having much that 'being luggage' in common, how their mixed-match style kind of works as a set....
Have A Happy!

{photo via::special thanx}

16 December 2010

Beautiful Stocking Stuffers

I'm almost finished ticking off the gifts on my 'holiday to buy list'...Woo Hoo!  I've done a combo of in-store & online shopping.  Luv the hustle, bustle and unsolicited, but welcomed, opinions of fellow shoppers.  I think that it is the spirit of  season that makes comments from total strangers welcomed...

On the other hand,  I welcome the solitude of spending endless hours quietly perusing virtual boutiques for unique finds.  There's a certain thrill and satisfaction that comes with hearing my family and friends 'oh & ah' while they unwrap their one-of-a-kind gifts.

So needless to say, I am overjoyed with the cute stocking stuffers that I've run across while 'virtual santa shopping'.  They are the amazing handmade  homeware & accessories produced by graphic/interior designer Margarita Lorenzo of the South London-based studio Chocolate Creative

what goodies will you stuff in your stocking?

15 December 2010

men essentuals

men playing in wool

would. die. for. these. pieces.

...we'd definitely have to share

14 December 2010

We Luv You....

yeah! yeah! yeah!

we luv him because there are times that he can be a silly. 

13 December 2010

my feet are not sandal worthy...

Last week was crazy busy. The holidays certainly have a way of robbing of us of time. Don't you think?  And what is it about this time of year that makes us rip and run around like headless chickens?

We wake up in the morning and hit the ground running.  Then we rush off to work only to rush through the day.  Hop in the car.  Kick over the engine.  Zoom into traffic....and....sit.  and.  wait.  The physical stillness does not stop our, already overloaded minds, from continuing to race. To where?  The finish line?  Do we ever reach it?  The finish line? 

Right now, I'm a little tired of racing around.  Trying to meet some imaginary 'finish line'.  I've drawn my line in the sand.  If only for today.  There is one thing that I had to attend to *I've neglected it for farrrrr too long*

{via::special thanx}

My feet were in major need of a pedicure!  Now I knew that if my tootsies resembled ancient roman stone, my very, very busy friends, who I affectionately refer to as my 'Sistah Friends', are also walking around on stone feet! 

Although we'd luv to have our tootsies done by some...say...celebrity tennis star,  us 'everyday gals' headed to our favorite foot magician!  *we really luv her economic pricing*

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. What treatment should we select off of the menu?

Last year I read an article about something called 'the fish pedicure' with Garra Rufa fish.  They're suppose to nibble away the dead skin. 
Only one of my 'sistah friends' decided to be adventurous and give it a try.  Eek! 
She said that, initially, it tickled.  But after a while, it was quite soothing....

...three of us passed... 

... and opted, instead, for this soothingly fragrant cranberry-scented flower foot bath.  Immediately, I was transported to some Polynesian resort *in my mind, anyway* 

....while the last 'sistah friend' decided for the citrusy pleasures a warmed lemon foot bathe. 
The aromas were irrestible!

I've fallen for the 'soft pink' lacquers from the OPI and Essie collection.  Somewhere, I read that they are the same company.  I don't know.  But what I do know is that I luv, luv, luv the soft colours! 


I opted for this delicate bejeweled french manicure... 

and my 'sistah friends' opted for a more colourful presentation....
LuV It!

and when it was all over, we donned our pointed winkle-picker stilettoes and rushed right over to the nearest tapas restaurant....

Hey Luv-lie,
How was your weekend?

08 December 2010

Outfitted....Urban {Style}

street swagger

swagger from the cradle
just keeping it real

swagger....corporate style

loving all of the testosterone...

packing heat...fully loaded
urban staples

classic winged swagger

{photos via::special thanx}

07 December 2010

02 December 2010

Life is full of pretty...

found these exquisite pieces for sale on one of my very favorite blog spaces...
their taste is impeccable.  The pieces are mouth watering...
you must go see!...