31 August 2010

Leather Goods

Aren't these just the right little {leather} ditties to adorn your luggage?  What better way to serve up a prophetic message  reminder to relax and enjoy your travels?

23 August 2010

I Swing from Trees

at the end of the day, I like to spend my time reflecting...on a swing

22 August 2010

...well does it?

{via here::special thanx}

This can be said to be the bag of all bags!
 Great for carrying all that pleases you, and then some.

... inside pockets will definitely make it easier to reach all of those pleasures....

...ladder included?

18 August 2010


I am enamoured with these vintage style tags.  They are beautiful and charming.  Made from acid-free paper and embellished with ivory seam binding, the reverse side is white to allow for a personal note. 

The 'oh lala' factor... the simple but elegant ribbon.

In these days of texting and email, I was overjoyed when I stumbled onto to the amazing space that offers these throw-backs to a more nostalgic time.

Here's more 'tag' beauty

{via here::special thanx}

02 August 2010


I'm feeling a little pirate-y!  Every year, in the little slice of my world, there is the anual Renaissance Festival.     I'm going to have to take out my best medieval-inspired pirate rogue shirt.

I'm off mates.......arrrrrgh!