28 September 2010

Proud Of Her 'Fro

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Okay, I must admit that it's been awhile since I've had to sit down and enjoy the fun, frolicking and learning that is the cornerstone of Sesame Street.  So needless to say that, I was touched immensely by this *magical* segment. 

Sesame Street Rocks!

23 September 2010

The Ice Have It....

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Does summer really have to end?  These little crystal {Luv-vah-lies} are so much the reason that I need three more months of summer. 

What's your summer pleasure?


22 September 2010

The Pleasure of Your Company...

Hey all of your Luv-lies, the pleasure of your company is requested at Post: A Bloggers Social.  This soiree, held 'for bloggers, by bloggers', is graciously being hosted by Hello, Splendor and Fabulous K.  The venue-host, described as a "chic boutique known for amazing gifts, unique furnishings" is excited about showcasing its new space.

If you are going to be in the Dallas, TX area on November 4, RSVP now {and block off the 4pm-6pm time slot in your Blackberry, IPhone and/or Outlook calendar}. 

P.S.   For all of you Luv-lies who will be able to attend all of this deliciousness, please send pics.  I'd luv to post all of the fabulousness...

bye bye summer

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21 September 2010

You've Got Mail....

{images via Mark Seliger via Harpers Bazaar Oct 2010}

It's here! It's here!
Just took my October issue of Harper's Bazaar out of the mailbox... and it is haute! I immediately fell for these shots of Drew.

Drew is definitely Audrey Hepburn....deconstructed!
Luv Her!

13 September 2010

Keep Calm and Sleep in Luxe

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I am ever the lover of summertime, but since I can't escape the inevitable Fall season...I must get the humble boudoir dressed.  I think I'll start with this simply luxe and inviting look. 

Just add a cup of lemoned flavored, honey infused tea and a great Grishom read!  Bring on the Fall....

10 September 2010

Office as Jewelry....

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The above find is the reason that I just love blog-strolling.  Luv the eclectic mix of the casual chic of the 'ghost' chairs, the classic sophistication of the white patent leather chairs and the clean, modern lines of the pink tufted high-back sofa....ahhhhh

06 September 2010

Classic Audrey...

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This little ditty is Tea-Party Perfect....

{want more black & white with a little Audrey thrown in?  See #9}