24 February 2010

I See You

... Nozzoiree
Photographer Nozzoiree has dedicated his blogspace to a montage of, sometimes, avante garde photos and entertaining and informative videos.  Although written in a language that is unfamiliar to me, his space is a nice retreat from the mundane. 

I luv the solitude of this bicycle...as though it is patiently waiting for its owner. ...Or quietly longing for one...
Whichever, it's poetry.

I See You...what is this all about? 
What it is about is,  my show of appreciation for all of your very special bloggers who find this space interesting enough to 'Follow'.  To all of you I say 'Thank You' for your company, remember to let me know that you've been here {aka...leave a comment or two}, invite all of your friends.

And by all means....Tune in. You're Next!

17 February 2010

Park Avenue Trash

{via here::special thanx}

This beauty is the ultimate 'trash to treasure' make-over! 
....if you ask me, the 'before' pic wasn't that bad....

07 February 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday


The Sun threw a curveball this weekend and gave us 'all shine no heat' for the better part of the day - evidently an encore appearance after the delivery of twenty-four inches  of snow -  ala 'Snowmegedon'.  My Money Tree welcomed the cool rays with opened leaves {it is obviously unaware of the evidence of the snowstorm near the window sill, on the other side of the pane. 

Even though the Sun's rays did not bring heat, it did deliver this wonderful shadow.

What do you think about this shadow?  I know a place where there are loads more for you to see.

05 February 2010

Friday Fill-In

I've done this meme before...I find it: fun, challenging and thought provoking.  But mostly fun.  Even more fun is reading everyone else's fill-in thoughts.  The body of the questions/statements are supplied by blog author, and then I get to 'fill-in' my answers.  Sometimes I find that the simplest question/statement can be the most thought provoking.  That's when I quickly jot down my thoughts...in .Pink {of course}.


1. I know what I know. And I know it well.

2. A month with no 'me time' is the longest month.

3. You can't help but to laugh at the irony of it.

4. Spinning for charity; bring it on!

5. Where have you looked for your piece of the pie?

6. Good solid advice is now available.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a glass of sangria, a great modern novel, and my fireplace. Tomorrow my plans include still more sangria and finishing the great modern novel by my fireplace and Sunday, I want to gaze out of my window at, what is projected to be, twenty-four inches of snow, tune in & out of the Super Bowl...I {luv} the commercials... while taking it all in snuggled by...my fireplace!