29 October 2010

Share Day!

...thought that I'd share some of the day's fun and festive magic with you before I settle in with my bookstore find... Enjoy!

Farmer's Markets. Luv that they post their mission front & center...no surprises

OMG!  ...how do they do that?  Fantastic gourds at an even fantastic price {only nature could shape them this fabulously!}

can't get out without fresh, farm made sweets...

not a farmer's market find...took a train ride to pick up these luv-lies.  soooo worth it!

...and a little something for the table

Thanx for letting me share...

now it's off too my book nook...

...On My Way to Friday

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I made an agreement with the weekend that if it gave me two reasonably comfortable {in my book, that's warm} days that I'd spend them doing something fun and festive.  Checking in with my weatherman it looks like I'm going to get my wish. 

So what's on the 'fun and festive' agenda? 

~ lunch with my BFF's
~ solo window shopping
~ a stop at the bookstore {loads of great reads on my 'to buy' list}
~ early morning Farmer's Marketing
~ one {semi} frightening movie - Darkman is next up in the queue
...just to name a few...

What do you have planned this weekend?  I put together this list of fun finds that I've encountered this week while on my way to friday.  Take a gander.  If you'd like, you can start your weekend right here with me...
that'll be nice...

Great place to store my laptop

The body as an art installation

Beautiful cement flooring.

This cake I can do...again & again & again...

How I fill-in my Fridays

Something way too serious to post once

A lot of funny to take into your weekend...



28 October 2010

I. Like.

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These exquisite luv-lies are my latest *swoon*.   They certainly inspire me to make that 'personal space' a chic retreat...

What do these luv-lies inspire in you?

26 October 2010

...Estate Finds

It may not me summer in my slice of the world, but this vintage shell-encrusted mirror leaves me quite hopeful.

I fell immediately in luv, luv, luv with this pair of pink linen upholstered occasional chairs.  The colour is soooo fresh and the sculped highbacks are a very attractive {read ~ 'inviting'}.  The polished nickel nailheads pays subtle homage to a more classic & elegant office space.  The ample seat perched atop a ebony wood base beckons me to sit for hours.  Me likey!

Too cute!  A little early for holiday ornaments.  But, I just couldn't pass this up.  It definitely has inspired me to give my holiday decor some thoughts.  All hand knitted...  I say 'irresistable'!

available {via}

25 October 2010

Jacket Required

{buy it::special thanx}

Meet Bug.  Bug, the Boxer.  Properly attired in this 'way too cute' green plaid collar.  There won't be a canine around who won't be envious.  What do you think?  This little 'haute'-y is just in time  for  the holiday.  
I just might be inspired to add a canine to the family {*wink} 

It's Monday....Woo Hoo!!!!

Good Morning, My Luv-lies.

 Happy Monday...

Hoping that your weekend was a delite. 
Have you had you morning cup of joe? 
... I smell my 'joe' calling...
I really can use a new cup but this one has such history.  Despite the visual evidence of years of my coffee enjoyment, I know that I should trash it  really invest in a new mug. It's the history 'thing'.  You know...how can you trash a perfectly good broken-in mug?  For now, it's a keeper.

Want to share your cup of joe with me?  Leave a comment & send me a picture.

Make it a Great Day!


I'll Drink to That

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Luv! Luv! Luv! this piece. 
Ever drawn to vintage pieces...this one must take its rightful place in my jewelry box. 
Imagine the surprise when the whimsical word is revealed to its admirer.....

23 October 2010

{More} Vintage Dreams

I was just thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, I might need something to carry my vintage finds...

I Dream in Vintage

I awoke this morning with 'vintage' on my mind.  Can't explain, but I'm going to definitely run with this yummy idea...

Here we go...

{find them ~  top:: here, middle:: here, bottom:: here}

22 October 2010

One Last visit to Summer

These  luv-lies are waaay tooo '40's kitschy and cuuuute. They ooze warm weather, picnics and carnivals...
{via here::special thanx}

Bright, beautiful eye-catching lemon yellow hair ornaments that scream "Hello Summer"
{via here::spevial thanx}

Irresistible little girls' dresses in crayon inspired colours and playful patterns
{via here::special thanx}