25 October 2010

It's Monday....Woo Hoo!!!!

Good Morning, My Luv-lies.

 Happy Monday...

Hoping that your weekend was a delite. 
Have you had you morning cup of joe? 
... I smell my 'joe' calling...
I really can use a new cup but this one has such history.  Despite the visual evidence of years of my coffee enjoyment, I know that I should trash it  really invest in a new mug. It's the history 'thing'.  You know...how can you trash a perfectly good broken-in mug?  For now, it's a keeper.

Want to share your cup of joe with me?  Leave a comment & send me a picture.

Make it a Great Day!



Pink Stilettos said...

Can't send a pic of my cup b/c I don't drink coffee...but I love the mug it's adorable, even if it is a little broken in!

.pink said...

Pink Stilettos,

...'broken in'. Thanx for being so nice ♥

Thanx for stopping in again. Hope to see you again.

Unknown said...

Where did you get this coffee cup? I want one