03 October 2010

Play it 'Forward' Ring...

{buy it::special thanx}

Last year NBC proudly honored TODAY host and breast cancer survivor Hoda Kotb. with the wonderful commemoration ring aptly named the 'Forward Ring'. 
Last year, with every purchase of the 'Forward Ring', NBC donated $2 to the Susan Komen Organization.  The better new is that this gem is still available for purchase
I have my order in, can't wait for the guys in brown to ring the doorbell.
Hoda Kotb says she wears her ring as a reminder.  "I feel safe with it on...And I also wear the ring just because I know that I'm in a big club with lots of people."
Did you order your 'Forward Ring' yet?  I would love to share photos of your purchase...send them in.  Can't wait to show mine...

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