11 October 2010

My Corner of the House...

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One day I'm going to get around to redesigning my office.  Until then, I have been gathering a digital portfolio of fabulous inspirations.  Will share pics in {many} upcoming posts.  Swooning over this photo. 

The seating is oh so inviting...I luv the tufts, the fabric {cloth or leather...I'll take it}.  It is saying to me, 'come here you, come here!'.  The placement against the single wall is...hello...perfect usage of the 'what in the heck do I do with this wall' wall.  Who'da thunk it? 
I'm in Luv! 

Can I tell you that I can feel the breeze from the light-heartedly textured drapery? 


emily said...

I love the tufting! And those tables look quite fun too. (Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment too!)

.pink said...


I'm a big fan of the tufting too. It gives it great texture.


Your blog is one of my new BFF's...luv it!