02 October 2010

Cottage Suite

 With Winter quickly kicking Fall to the curve, one of my Summer-time rituals that I like to keep up with is having pedicures.  We women know that,when we are being totally honest and candid with ourselves, most of will admit that pedicures, in the Summer months, are done, mostly, out of vanity {how do you justify sporting your haute-est strappy stiletto sandal, without giving undivided attention to your soles?  I just can't do it...}

Then, why continue this ritual of vanity in lieu of falling temperatures?  Hmm...

Well, these warm, cottage themed spa retreats do it for me.  These spaces are the direct antithesis of the glitz and glamour of the brightly lit uber-urbaned upscale nail spas that we usually stroll into during the ,hot summer months of yesterday.

What draws me in, especially as these colder months loom, is the down-home, 'please come in, put your feet up, stay for lunch, have a cup of honey-dipped cup of tea'.  The large, soft ruffled-skirted cushioned seating is difficult to resist...especially when you're trying to dodge the frigid gusts of 'Mr Freeze'.  The country pails invite your street-beaten frozen toes to a warm tropical soak.  Ahhhh, it's Summer, again... 

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