21 October 2010

If I Have to Eat Fast Food....Make My Haute

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I don't have much of a palette for fast food anymore.  I must admit that, in my younger years I lived and breathed for all food...done fast.  The faster, the better.  Oh come on! I know that I'm not the only.  I lived for the hot, soft, salty crunch taste of 'those' golden french fries.  The veggie-oil soaked fish sandwhiches, slapped haphazardly onto a too small bun with a slice of synthetically manufactured topper of cheese.  Yum...Yum...  How I craved these artery clogging delites, unconcerned with the damage that could come with repeated consumption.

Fortunately, with age, comes the added bonus of a more matured palette.  YEAH!  And now, in the moments of reminiscent-bliss, when my palette has a moment of digression- I can at least get my fast food blinked out and haute!

What's your culinary digression?


Pink Stilettos said...

I don't to much care for fast food but I love this picture!


.pink said...

Pink Stilettos,

isn't this a fun & fashionably luv-ah-ly pic?

....and, like Karl says, "Fashion is the healthiest reason for losing weight "