29 October 2010

...On My Way to Friday

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I made an agreement with the weekend that if it gave me two reasonably comfortable {in my book, that's warm} days that I'd spend them doing something fun and festive.  Checking in with my weatherman it looks like I'm going to get my wish. 

So what's on the 'fun and festive' agenda? 

~ lunch with my BFF's
~ solo window shopping
~ a stop at the bookstore {loads of great reads on my 'to buy' list}
~ early morning Farmer's Marketing
~ one {semi} frightening movie - Darkman is next up in the queue
...just to name a few...

What do you have planned this weekend?  I put together this list of fun finds that I've encountered this week while on my way to friday.  Take a gander.  If you'd like, you can start your weekend right here with me...
that'll be nice...

Great place to store my laptop

The body as an art installation

Beautiful cement flooring.

This cake I can do...again & again & again...

How I fill-in my Fridays

Something way too serious to post once

A lot of funny to take into your weekend...



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