14 February 2013

Valentine's Sweetness


Good Morning Luvlies,
Make it a super sweet Valentine's Day!

01 February 2013

What I'm Luving Now...

Drew looks absolutely dreamy!!!!
Luv! Luv! Luv! The Wrist Candy!!!!
What are you luvin' about this look?


Summer is for lace...
Sooooo beyond luv-lie

Sometimes you have to settle for style over function....
... how can you not with these delicious little ditties...
can you say, 'no more botched manicures' ?


28 January 2013

Happy Monday

{via::special thanx}
the weather today is suppose to start as a wintery mix of sleet & snow.  Resulting in a slick, slippery, slushy mess....☃
....then sometime early this afternoon {poof!}...nothing but rain! ☔

thank goodness for a good cup o' jo.... and the warmth of a great sweater.....

Not Just for Cupcakes

this is a beautiful way to serve up ice cream.

18 January 2013

Friday Fill In

                {via::special thanx}

1. I love the feeling the Sun's warm rays beaming into my
    window in the morning.

2. Seeing the ones that I love safe and happy, always brightens my

3. The {very much welcomed} ultra-warm winter, is what I will 
     remember the most from 2012. 

4. My favorite family recipe is my Mom's potato salad.

5. When I want to spoil myself I have quiet time reading.

6. City Confidential is my favorite TV show.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching Shark Tank, tomorrow my plans include a warm cup of joe, a sixty-minute pamper session and a decadent meal and Sunday, I want to get ready for some fooootball!

....here's what this is all about

...... your turn!

11 January 2013

Friday Fill-In

Yet, but again, I discover another reminder that confirms that,  I have been away too long.  That became very apparent to me while strolling through the many entries of my musings that inspired me to become part of this wonderful space affectionately know as the blogosphere. 

Every Thursday I would eagerly look forward to was visiting a sweet little place in the blogosphere that allowed me to fill-in the blanks of seven one-line sentences with whatever my thoughts could conjure.  And, even more fun, was being able to read the seven sentence fill-in's of countless others who also stopped by, weekly, to share their thoughts.

 The body of the questions/statements are supplied by blog author, and then I get to 'fill-in' my answers.  Sometimes I find that the simplest question/statement can be the most thought provoking.  That's when I quickly jot down my thoughts...in .Pink {of course}.

1.   Wake up "everybody no more sleeping in bed. No more backward thinking time to think straight
2.   When you're not here, my thoughts are of all the fun we had.
3.   Every picture is special to its owner.
4.   It can never be a little too quiet.
5.   Stay with that thought.
6.   This can be done in a thousand ways.
7.   And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a lavender infused bubble bath, tomorrow my plans include a visit to the museum and Sunday, I want to enjoy the usually warm weather that has been predicted!

... it's great to be back ....

why don't you give it a whirl?

Happy Weekend

{via::Special Thanx}

this has been a loooong week.... 
a seemingly endless week....
it's the weekend...

and. as usual, music is my weekend sanctuary....
Let's dance like crabs in a bucket!!!!

Make it a great weekend, My Luv-ah-lies!!!

07 January 2013

Happy Monday

{via::special thanx}
There is something about a pup that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.....
They drawn you in with their personality, and, like this one, just makes you want to cuddle its in your arms.....

04 January 2013

02 January 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside.....

Found these Luv-lies to keep me warm and cozy....
{via::Special Thanx}
{via::Special Thanks}
these will do me just fine on these frigid days.....
.... until my favorite season shows up

01 January 2013

...and just like that....

It's been some time since last that I've shared my thoughts in this space with you. 
And even longer since the my last sabbatical
 Over the months I've been trying mostly unsuccessfully to convince myself to pick up where I left off....
....only I can't really put my hand on why I stopped in the first place...
It could be the combination of my new turbo charged laptop {haven't found a reallllly great reason to invest in a tablet....yet} and the discovery of all of the new to me blogger templates that ignited my initial passion and have revived my excitement in this whole thing known as blogging!
...and with that...  here's to a reNewed Blogger Year !!!