18 January 2013

Friday Fill In

                {via::special thanx}

1. I love the feeling the Sun's warm rays beaming into my
    window in the morning.

2. Seeing the ones that I love safe and happy, always brightens my

3. The {very much welcomed} ultra-warm winter, is what I will 
     remember the most from 2012. 

4. My favorite family recipe is my Mom's potato salad.

5. When I want to spoil myself I have quiet time reading.

6. City Confidential is my favorite TV show.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching Shark Tank, tomorrow my plans include a warm cup of joe, a sixty-minute pamper session and a decadent meal and Sunday, I want to get ready for some fooootball!

....here's what this is all about

...... your turn!

1 comment:

AlwaysJoy said...

I agree with you on the quiet reading <3