28 January 2011

the real measure of worth

bits 'n pieces.....

tee time

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i know that, in my neck of the woods,  it may be wayyyy too early to think about the likes of these delites...
....a girl can wish ....

luv me some Daria

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Jake: Daria, you don’t think Quinn’s lost in those woods, do you?

Daria: I doubt it, there’s nothing to buy there.

Jake: You’re right, maybe we should all try to think like Quinn.

Daria: Okay, who wants their frontal lobes removed first?

luv me some Daria....

24 January 2011

friends like Pooh

spent some quality phone time this weekend with a friend whose friendship is 'major'.

this is how i feel about my friendships....

what's your friendship tag-line? 

the tribal ear thing

i'm swooning about this beautiful aural accoutrement....

dorothy. I don't think that we're in Kansas anymore....

all grown up

i am ecstactic with the direction that men's fashion looks like it's heading....

...in a much more sophisticated, 'dressed to the nines' manner reminiscent of the throwback years of the F. Scott Fitzgerald era.
top coats in rich colours and lush fabrics, gloves, hard soled stylish shoes and 'for men only' head gear...

mmmmmmm....plain ol' dapper!

.... take a look!

WARNING! ...to follow....a shameless Bryant Park-like runway show of unabashed male-ness!

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