21 January 2011

on my way to today

{via::special thanx}

many meetings and presentations this week.  i hit the ground running on monday, and it seems that the pace has no plans on slowing.  usually my winters find me hibernating... i'm not much of a snow bunny.

busy, busy but productive.  very productive.  so i guess that leaves me not feeling too guilty about slowing down this weekend.

how was your week?  what did you get done this week?  what did you slack on? {slacking is a good thing....it keeps the 'to list' full}

along the way, i've found some fascinating blog-nooks.  i'd luv to share a few with you...

come along....

 i'd like to see into their eyes

vintage finds made easier

it would be fun to make your relationship a work of art

hands-on demo of the perfect hot roller wrap

a cutey-patooty mini cake

a just luv a great font

a totally heavenly place to nap

happy weekend, Luv-lies!

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