07 January 2011

the first week of memories

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the first work week of, what I have claimed to be an awesome New Year, is drawing to a memorable close.

 i'm going to miss the daily doses of the festive moods of otherwise not-so festive, co-workers.  the '...that can wait until the New Year' response from the 'big wigs' as they infuse the office with holiday cheer.  And while far too many of us have some type of 'drop the excess {fill in the blank}' resolve for the days ahead, I will spend an uncountable amount of time {especially while I am waiting in the long queue at the coffe bar} pining for the endless parade of deliciously prepared holiday foods.

the wonderful memories.....

how has your first week of  twenty-eleven been?

as i settle into the weekend, here are some of the fun places that i've dropped by....

beautiful abandoned homes

love letters on boxes

my 'go-to' chic feed

the silky voice that changed a life

an unique way to keep your thoughts together

...hope that this week has been Great to you...

{via::special thanx}
happy weekend!!!

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