20 December 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday....

# 83

There's this great meme that occurs every Sunday {...or, as per the site- "close to it"}, called Shadow Shot Sunday.  The rules are simple:: take a picture, post it on Sunday {...or "close to it}, click on 'Mr Linky'- this let's you share your post with others in the community.  Comments are optional.

In addition to all of the other amazing pics, Tracey- the site owner, posts a montage of shadows {with links} from the previous Sunday shots!

About my shadow shot::  This is a shot of my neighbor's yard twelve hours after the noreaster blizzard that blasted the northeast coast yesterday.  The official snowfall count {in inches}....23 inches!!!  ((((Brrrrrrrrr))))))

This will get you there if you want to play along {or just check out some great shots}.  ENJOY!

12 December 2009

Let it Snow, Let It Snow,

....Let it Snow...

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 Is this not the greatest!  What a fun & whimsical way to make milk fun!  Amazing what you can do with edibles.  The cute little head is made of mini donuts and the nose of edible food clay.  The furry little scarf?- not edible, but, orange yarn from your favorite knitting bin.  Oh yes, that delicate little snowflake.  Sorry- not edible either {but cute none the less}.  It's a brad, from the scrapbooking section of your local arts & crafts store, in the shape of a snowflake.  How cool is this?

The 'bestest' thing of it all! You can make this
I want to see your creation.  Send me pictures of your 'snow milk'.  I want to share them!

11 December 2009

What Little {Boys} are Made of...

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Are you in {luv} like I am?  My new {luv}...these great custom prints!
"Inspiring and fresh paintings help parents stimulate children's imaginations and activate rooms with thought-provoking art" is the opening description of these festive, light-hearted prints.  This is just the goal that artist Liz Clay has in mind as she creates these fun, witty & whimsical children's art pieces - made especially for boys.  There is no shortage of satisfied parents or rave reviews of these 'made for kids' portraits.
Inspired by the lockes of her baby girl's hair, the collection has grown to include unique prints for the wall of precious little girls.

10 December 2009

Party Planning...

Are you the 'Party-maker' this holiday season?  I'm sure that you plan to keep all of your special guests engaged and happy.  Of importance - great food and even greater spirits.  Make sure that you don't have to make a second run for those extra items {or to refill} by adding the list below to your 'shopping list'.
Make this the best and most ENJOYABLE holiday!  {...drink responsibly *}

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03 December 2009

Theme Thursday...


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want more? or, would you like to play along...?

Winter's {Gems}

I believe these 'come here, let me wrap my warmth around you' sweaters were made just  for those of us who, openly, despise winter- but live in areas where it is unescapable. 
Can you say - ' post-snow wet sidewalks, crisp cold flurry-filled air, holiday bustle and a large cup of Caribou coffee' ?

02 December 2009

Rock, Paper...

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No scissors....please


I am feverishly looking for an event that I can wear one of these fabu-luxe {luv}-lies!   What a wonderful time to be women!  I've fallen for the ultra feminine lines and detailing of the tailored bodice...
and, well, the full skirted bottom sends me falling head first in wonder-lust.  I can't imagine any article of clothing, at this time, that would turn my head....


THESE DAINTIES!!  .... well, every 'to die for' wrap, deserves a beautiful companion.  These body skimming , mouth dropping dresses have a subtle 'grown up' sexiness that says 'I am not your daughter's dress'.

wrap them, to go, please....