01 December 2010

'60's Tame

I just finished reading the memoirs of legendary 1960s fashion designer, Mary Quant. Published in 1966 at the height of Swinging London, Quant By Quant is a fascinating insider's account of the 1960s fashion revolution. Along the way, Quant also offers insight into her own personal style philosophy.

She's worked with top fashion models of her day such as Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy, and Pattie Boyd.  Mary Quant is perhaps best known for popularizing the mini skirt.

 I think that we would all agree that the world would be an even more dreary and depressing place were it not for this particular fashion innovation.  

She is also credited as being one of the key figures responsible for the influential "London Look" which quickly became a worldwide phenomenon that would forever change the face of fashion.

This is definitely a 'must read' for those with a luv for '60's fashion!

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Pink Stilettos said...

Very stylish! I love their outfits xoxo

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