22 November 2010

Vintage Attic

Lately, I've been looking back with amazement at all the emotional, physical, spiritual and--let's not forget--technological changes the world and I have been through.
After all, I grew up without computers, when a phone call or a jukebox song was a dime, when Disco was king, when gossiping with your friends happened face to face, and when a notebook, pen, and a good book were the best entertainment.
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, to bastardize Dickens. We also had the energy crisis, Watergate, bad hair, bell-bottoms, Queen and Twisted Sister.
 But you never had to answer a demanding cell phone at all hours, check emails, or go online to find your friends.
I guess I've lived through a lot. *endearing smirk*

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