05 November 2010

The Steam Punk Fitness Gym

Though I'd share a few of my fitness moves with you before I take off for the weekend.  Doesn’t look like much fitness.  Imagine that.  Working out in a full three piece tux.... 

I think that I'll stick to jogging....

Here's some fantastic places that I've dropped in this week:

A great fall tweed jacket & a nice little give-away

Luv-ly surprises

A series of luscious craziness

A little about personal dreams

....... another look at Steam Punk

Enjoy Your Weekend, Luv-lies...


Pink Stilettos said...

This is hiliarious! Great post xoxo


Collette Osuna said...

Wow....thankfully times have changed:)

Stop by and say Hello ♥
I’m the MTV Style Blogger of the Week!!!

.pink said...

Pink Stilettos,

thank goodness for progress!

.pink said...

Collette Osuna,

CONGRATS! on your MTV 'Blogger of the Week' title. You rock!

I rocked your good fortune on my pages.