10 November 2010

Things That I'm Luving Now

a cute cup of 'wind-up'

always means that you're never be alone

beautifully ornate first impressions

a hip colour-rich orange coat & a brown open-weaved leather carry-all

warm flannel blanket, sweet treats & the world's greatest blue friend


agnes said...

très jolies photos.
Je viens de connaitre ton blog, et j'aime beaucoup

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the ornate doors too:)

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.pink said...


Thanx for the blog luv. And in French! That makes me feel REALLY special

Thanx for stopping in. Do come back.

.pink said...

Collette Osuna,

...isn't that blue awesome! Talking about making first impressions...

Pink Stilettos said...

I love the cup and the doors! Very appealing to the eye :) xoxo

.pink said...

Pink Stilettos,

one is fun & the other is oh sooo 'luv-ah-ly first impression'

Thanx for stopping in