22 November 2010




and a Shoe that I can't live without....


agnes said...

j'adore le look, du petit garçon.

Et les chaussures noires à talons sont magnifiques

Pink Stilettos said...

That little boy is so cute! I love the heels too xoxo

Pink Stilettos

Unknown said...

that little boy is just too cute! and those shoes are crazy good <3


.pink said...


the little guy IS so very cute!

Good to see you again.
Thanx for stopping by...

See you on YOUR

.pink said...

Pink Stilettos,

thanx for the blog luv!

I'm luvin' this foot gear, too!!!

.pink said...

Chelsea Lane,

...it's a consensus...we all luv the cuteness of the little guy.

nothing like starting you swagger early!

Thanx for stopping by! Luv your blog !