31 January 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

# 89
 I was on my way to the fitness center, when I inadvertently caught this shot.  The sun was on its way down so I felt fortunate to have been able to it.  This pink bottle is my favorite - it is part of a give-away for a charity fundraiser.  Besides, it's pink.  For me, that's the deal breaker! 

I was semi successful in capturing the pink colour in the shadow - yeah!

want more shots?


Unknown said...

My shadow shot was very similar this week!
Great shot! Cute blog!
~Really Rainey~

Hey Harriet said...

I am fond of coloured shadows. Especially pink ones!

Coffeedoff said...

Great shadow!

.pink said...


thanx for the blog {luv}

.pink said...

thanx everyone for the kudo