03 January 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

# 85

{pic via here::special thanx}

{luv} this shot...that's probably because I just {luv} M&M's!  Peanut, plain- I like them both.  They are just the thing when I am craving just 'a litttttle bit' of chocolate.  You know, like right after eating, at the commercial break or a small snack before calling it a day. 
mmmmmmmm  good!

The M&M's are mouth watering.  The shot - fascinating!  Fascinating because it captures, both, shadow and reflections.  That I like....

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Dianne said...

I luv this shot too!!
fantastic perspective

Jazzbumpa said...

Plain M&M's are OK. I prefer peanut.

Interesting shot. Nicely done.


Quilt Works said...

This is wonderful photography - I love the shadows and the shapes on glass. Very clever

...White picket fence

.pink said...

Quilt Works,

Isn't the glass a nice backdrop? It gives it a bit of depth and playfulness.