14 January 2010

I Just Can't Eat These...

{posted here first::special thanx}

Now I must admit.  I have a soft sweet spot for chocolate.  All kinds of chocolate...dark, milk, etc.  Suffice it to say, that desire is more heightened out of control at certain times of the month.  Chocolate milk, chocolate donuts, chocolate bars.  From fudge to Godiva... can't get enough chocolate!

So what am I suppose to do with these delectable delites*?  How can I begin to digest these delicious little glittery treats?  As much as I like jewelry {not nearly as much as chocolate. Sorry Ladies} I just can't manage to get a visual nor be able to explain my jewelry choice with a straight face of these chocolate {luv}lies on my fingers.  I happen to be from the school of thought that chocolate should be eaten with your hands, not off of your hands {call me a prude old fashioned}.

Yes they are uniquely beautiful.  So... beautiful or not...they must go down!!

...wearing them is just not an option.


Soren Lorensen said...

the are really creepy

.pink said...

Don't you think that would be a great hostess gift?

...they would certainly be the 'hit' of the party!